Monday, August 8, 2011

Rock Climbing

So, I'm kind of a beginner on the whole rock climbing business. I have never officially scaled a mountain, but I did rock climb on a rock wall. I would really love to climb a mountain someday though. I went to an activity at the university that I go to, and they had a rock wall. I strapped on the harness and climbed pretty easily to the top. While climbing the wall, I started to feel really confident and great about my upper body strength. When I got to the top, I was kind of (Can I admit this now?) scared to go back down. I couldn't imagine just jumping back and letting myself plummet to the ground. What if the equipment failed? I decided to just close my eyes and let go. That was my favorite part of the whole experience! I decided that rock climbing is fun, but repelling is my favorite! The feeling of accomplishment when reaching the top is awesome, but the controlled fall at the end is exhilarating! This is a definite MUST for all of the other extreme adventurers out there.

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