Monday, August 29, 2011

Bryce Canyon

If you live in Utah or are planning on taking a trip here, you must go to Bryce Canyon. It's unique orange sandstone is breathtakingly beautiful, and every trail in Bryce Canyon offers a beautiful view. It's been a year since I last went, but it's taken that long for me to write about it. The first place that my family and I visited was Mossy Cave and Tropic Ditch. It was a fun first hike and really short. We had fun playing in the cool water.

Next we went to Rainbow Point. This is a fairly short hike. One of the best things about it is, like most of the trails in Bryce, is that instead of hiking up to a viewpoint then back tracking to the beginning, the trail is a loop and brings you back to where you started. On the day that I hiked it, it was extremely windy, and it was the first time I hiked it. So, I'm not exactly sure if its always that way or not. It offers some fantastic views.

An awesome sight to see is the rock formation known as Queen Victoria. Queen Vitoria sits on her throne which sits at the peak of one of the rock pillars, seen in the picture below.

Sunset is beautiful when viewing it from Bryce Canyon.

Bryce's Point is the place to be when the sun rises. The spires are said to light up like candles as the sun rises. It's a pretty accurate description.

Thor's Hammer

Here are some more pictures taken at Bryce Canyon on various trails.

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